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, and into southwest sections of utah. the windst 48 hours, will grab the energy in circulation and pull it all eastward across the country. it's going to be about time he gets here, as it makes the trip. pull a lot of moisture off the gulf of mexico. what are the temperatures going to be here? warm enough to be rain? cold enough to be snow? a transition? or a mix? we know it will be warm sunday evening. temperatures expected to start falling during the day on monday. the exact track is up in the air. when will enter the system to provide the precipitation. what will it look like? who will get what, and how much? we will not have a clear-cut answer to that until later in the weekend when the storm gets closer. by early on monday morning, the rain will start to change to freezing rain and sleet in the metro areas, as the colder air moves in. that pattern will continue throughout the day, before it ends. the possibility of snow for monday. 45 degree temperatures tomorrow. if you degree temperatures on monday. again, i think the big story on the storm on monday will be the farther north will be co
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1